Ilha das Flores



Flores Island is the reality of a dream in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, between Europe and the Americas.

The area is 143.11 km², with a length of 17 km and 12.5 km wide.

The climate is a temperate climate influenced by the Gulf Stream, giving average values of around 17ºC.

See in the photos alongside examples of what you can enjoy here.

A ilha de mil flores.

Daboecia azorica
(nome cientifico da planta que se encontra nas ilhas).

Ponta da Caveira

Planta protegida

Poço da Alagoinha

Poço da Alagoinha - Cascatas

Caldeira Funda

Caldeira Comprida

Ilha do Corvo - Caldeirão


Cascata - Rocha dos Bordões

Golfinhos atràs da Ilha do Corvo

Zona De Protecção Especial Da Costa Nordeste

Vista falésia

Nome popular "CUBROS" - a flor que deu origem ao nome da Ilha das Flores

E as estrada são assim!

Flores da rocha

Ponta da Fora

Moinho - Vila do Corvo

Moinhos - Vila do Corvo

Costa Nordeste

Poço da Alagoinha

Cascata - Poço da Alagoinha

Cascatas - Poço da Alagoinha


Caldeira Funda e Caldeira Comprida

Caldeirão - Ilha do Corvo

Ilha do Corvo

Ilha do Corvo

Vila do Corvo

Imigrantes Lagoas

Imigrantes Lagoas

Rocha dos Bordões

Rocha dos Bordões

Tripe to Corvo
Includes visit to the caves


From the island of Flores to Corvo exhists an endless ocean that together we can explore.
We see the magnificent waterfalls and caves, not to mention the unimaginable islets that exist along our coastline.
During the trip it's still possible to see the fantastic sea'species, such as: dolphins, whales, turtles, shearwater and other sea'birds.
Come with us to dazzle this extraordinary sea of surprises...

We organize trips to Corvo Island and round the Island trips by boat.

We also organize whale/dolphin- watching activities and scuba diving.

Contacts :
Telms. 917 918 964 | 964 220 645

PRICE LIST for 2024

Malheiros Serpa Guest house. A RENTAL In SANTA CRUZ DAS FLORES./ 292592 201/91 672 8903 High season / from July 1 to October 30. (we do not accept a single night in this period / we have boats for the trip to the island of Corvo, for our clients we are grateful that when booking overnight stays, if you so wish, you also book for the boat trip to the island of CORVO.

High Season

- 1st July until October 30

Single - 45€ /day
Double - 65€ /day
Triple - 80€ /day

Mid Season

- 1st April until 30th June

Single - 40€ /day
Double - 52€ /day
Triple - 67.60€ /day

LOCAL ACCOMMODATION. Check-in from 14h / Check-out until 10H / reservations are only accepted from 2 days or more / 1 night only for people who come on duty.

Inclui IVA, à taxa em vigor / inclui casa de banho privada, T.V.cabo, internet, cozinha partilhada pelos hospedes, e lavar a roupa.   

Phone and fax: 292 592 201
Cellphone: 96 316 51 90 / 91 672 89 03.



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